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Spark.me is one of the biggest tech/business conferences in Southeast Europe. The conference has been organized annually since 2013, in Budva, Montenegro by Domain.Me, a private company which is in charge of Montenegro’s national internet domain – .ME. Spark.me speakers included:

  • Pankaj Ghemawat (TED speaker and management professor at Stern School of Business, New York University),
  • Christopher Fabian (2013 TIME Magazine’s 100 most influential people; co-founder and co-lead of UNICEF’s Innovation Unit),
  • Scott Berkun (The bestselling author and a speaker),
  • Alf Rehn (Internationally recognized business thinker, an author and a speaker),
  • David Armano (Global Strategy Director: Key Accounts at Edelman Digital),
  • Tony Conrad (Co-founder and CEO of about.me, and Founding Venture Partner at True Ventures),
  • J.B.M. Kassarjian (Management professor at Babson College, and IMD International, Lausanne),
  • Dr. Eli Opper (Chief Scientist at the Israeli Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Labor from 2002 to 2010),
  • Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi (Hacker/artist who deals with questions of intellectual property rights. Best known for being a co-founder of The Pirate Bay),
  • Ramon De Leon (Social media visionary and former marketing mind at Domino’s Pizza Chicago),
  • Dragana “Gaga” Đermanović (Chief Strategist Officer at prpepper, and CEO and founder of BeeShaper.com).

Spark.me stage in previous years welcomed speakers from companies like Edelman Digital, Microsoft, Microsoft Ventures, WordPress, UNICEF’s Innovation Unit, Skype, TechCrunch, DropBox, about.me, Prezi, Rushmore.fm, 500 Startup, hub:raum, Eleven Accelerator Venture Fund, LAUNCHub, StartLabs, Bal Labs, Bellabeat…

A successful conference is built on more than just good speakers and a good agenda (though, with Spark.me, we certainly promise both). It is also about the people who attend, and in the way they interact – to use industry jargon, network.

Spark.me conference is designed to inspire you, to ignite your imagination, and to let you find YOUR spark – the one thing that makes you special, that one idea that will make you stand out from the crowd, along with the people you need to know to make that happen.

Join us on May 28-29, 2016 in Budva, Montenegro! :)


Start it up. We’ve got the best of ‘em from the region and beyond! You don’t even have to be the winner of the competition (like TruckTrack in 2013 or Fishing Booker in 2014), and you can still do some pretty remarkable stuff. Look at TourVia.Me – they were invited to join Eleven and the hub:raum business accelerator, accepted the first offer and are busy dominating the market with their MVP.

Participate. Beyond that, we’re taking a very hands-on approach this year, and organizing a few workshops to complement the lectures.

Amazed. Be amazed. We’ve got some of the most exciting people to ever be on a conference stage in this part of the world. We’re sure you’ll be blown away by what they have to say, and that you’ll be lining up to meet them and chat with them informally.

Relax. We’ve got you right by the beach, where summer begins in May, in one of the Montenegro’s prettiest seaside cities. What more could you ask for?

Keep those connections. It’s a small and cozy event by the beach – which means lots of room for dinners, informal get-togethers and other opportunities to work on those world domination plans with great lecturers and attendees.

What more could you ask for? Pack those bags and hit it for the Adriatic coast. :)

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