On a mission to eliminate the myths about creativity, one by one.

Dave is on a mission to get rid of the bullshit that surrounds the fields of creativity and innovation. It will keep him busy for a while because there appears to be an endless supply of nonsense attached to the topics. He does this in a number of ways.

Earlier this year Iconic Advantage, a book he co-wrote with Soon Yu, was released. It looks at how some of the world’s most successful companies use innovation to build their brands. And they do it without a trace of disruption. Later in the year he’ll be releasing another book that proposes a new model of creativity.

You can also find Dave speaking and running workshops all over the world. He works with organisations of all sizes – from startups to governments – to help them get better ideas and spot more opportunities. Dave is the founder of Additive, a London-based digital marketing consultancy which runs workshops for brands and agencies which often leads to consultancy gigs. Additive clients have included Google, BBC, ESI Media, Sky, The Drum, and lots of advertising agencies.

Dave appears on TV and radio from time to time. And he’s got a couple of broadcast projects in the pipeline.

Earlier in his career, Dave has also been Creative Director of some of the best and the biggest advertising agencies in London, including OgilvyOne, Poke and McCann Worldgroup.

He’s looking forward to taking a break after finishing his latest book. It was exhausting!

Website: http://davebirss.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/davebirss