CEO of consulting company Ginicanbreathe. #1 rated Female Snapchat Business Influencer.

Virginia Salas Kastillo is the founder and CEO of Ginicanbreathe, a PR, social media and influencer marketing firm that helps businesses build influence and online awareness.

Virginia is a trilingual nomad who has been to 15 different schools and traveled around the world. After a five-year career in the corporate world where she managed over a billion dollars at Apple and Oracle without a degree, Virginia decided to start from scratch and build an online following, and to devote her life to the research and spreading of happiness. She hops from place to place every few weeks to keep a fresh perspective on things.

Virginia is a Snapchat celebrity with a global following who’s made Snapchatting her full-time job. She has been named the #1 Female Snapchat Business Influencer in the world, by Inc. Magazine. She’s partnered with organizations like BBC, Nasdaq, Sundance, and Good Mag to promote their content and hook users onto their products.