Tech entrepreneur. The author of „The Mom Test“ book.

Rob is a tech entrepreneur and tinkerer. He is the founder of a number of bootstrapped and funded (plus several disastrous) companies in the US and UK. Rob is an alumnus of Y Combinator, an American startup accelerator, which Fast Company called „the world’s most powerful start-up incubator“, and Fortune called „a spawning ground for emerging tech giants“.

He is the author of „The Mom Test“ book about how to talk to customers when everyone is lying to you. The book is a practical guide to customer development and early-stage sales which has been used in some of the top global universities (including University College London, Imperial College London, Harvard, and Oxford), and is used as a key tool at numerous sartup accelerators across EU.

Rob is currently less interested in chasing hyperscale, and more interested in how founders can use entrepreneurship as a reliable path to building great lives for themselves. Lives on a little sailboat in Ramsgate, UK.