A flaneur, provocateur and the conference-organising auteur behind Silicon Beach.

Awarded the coveted runner-up prize in the 2015 Digital Leaders Top 100 and named as both a BIMA 100 (British Interactive Media Associations) influential digital champion and one of Maserati’s 100 leading social entrepreneurs in 2016, Matt is still waiting for 2017’s title.

Having previously been described as an “exuberant bumble bee, buzzing usefully between ventures” Desmier’s activities have left an indelible mark on the rapidly growing digital economy along the South Coast of the UK. He has spoken at conferences in Asia, Australia, America and across Europe and his counsel has been sought by the likes of 10 Downing Street and St James’ Palace, as well some other far less prestigious organisations.

Like all the best super heroes, Desmier leads a double life. By day he is a partner in the innovation consultancy Think Create Do, working with brands and organisations helping inform their next big decision. By night (although don’t tell his business partners, it’s quite a lot in the day too) he organises the influential and increasingly renowned Silicon Beach stable of events, conferences and meet-ups..

Prior to his current grand adventure, Matt spent five exciting years leading one of the UK’s most successful business incubators – but that’s a whole other story…