An innovation catalyst, philanthropist, entrepreneur without borders, and a global venture capitalist.

As an Innovation Catalyst, Kamran advises various governments on the needed transition from fossil based economies to sustainable innovation economies.

As a global high-tech entrepreneur, Kamran co-founded 10 companies – three of them failed (e.g. Momenta), while six of them produced a total market cap of over $8B (e.g. Cirrus Logic).

As a VC, Kamran co-founded Global Catalyst Partners, an international, multistage, technology-oriented venture capital firm, with investments in leading-edge technology companies in the U.S., Japan, China, India, Israel and Singapore.

As a philanthropist, Kamran has a vision that modern ICT can be instrumental in dissolving barriers between nations and bridging the social and political differences among people. This vision was reflected in Schools-Online, a nonprofit public charity organization he co-founded in 1996 to connect the world, one school at a time (6,400 schools in 36 countries were provided with computers and access to the Internet) and merged with Relief International in 2003. He co-founded Global Catalyst Foundation in 2000 to improve peoples’ lives through the effective application of ICT. From 2009 to 2011, Kamran served as a Co-Chair of UN-GAID, a United Nations global forum that comprehensively addresses cross-cutting issues related to ICT in development.

Kamran also serves as the Chairman of the Advisory Board of Global Venture Alliance; a Global Innovation Economy Advisor to 500 Startups; a Founding Mentor of Unreasonable Institute, and a Founding Board Advisor to Harbour.Space University.