Privacy advisor. Speaker and writer on topics related to digital rights, privacy, civil rights, and the future of technology.

Ancilla van de Leest is a privacy advisor, a public speaker, and a writer on topics related to digital rights, privacy and civil rights. Her expertise include nerd culture and digital ethics.

Ancilla began her career in the leading Dutch digital rights organization – Bits of Freedom. In June 2016 she was elected as the top candidate of the Pirate Party of the Netherlands for the Dutch parliamentary elections in 2017. In interviews Ancilla indicated that her priorities are aimed at strengthening privacy rights and opposing abolishing cash. In April 2017 Ancilla announced she would be leaving the Pirate Party as front-runner, and instead is going to focus on her own projects. She’ll be a passive member and is going to continue to give advice to future party members.

Ancilla is known for interviews with Trouw, NRC, Parool, Vrij Nederland, One Today, Radio 1, Peacock & Witteman, and RTL late night. She also wrote columns published in the New Revue, The Next Web, De Volkskrant, on and in Financieel Dagblad.

“Together we must ensure that civil rights remain guaranteed in an increasingly digitized society. Privacy is a security measure. Without this fundamental right as a social value, the next generation will no longer live in a democracy.”